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EMDR Consultation

Helen is accredited by the EMDR-Association of Australia (EMDRAA) as both an EMDR practitioner and consultant. She is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the delivery of EMDR therapy and application of EMDR therapy with a broad variety of presentations (PTSD and beyond). Helen has also completed extensive, advanced training in working with complex cases including complex trauma, dissociation and dissociative disorders. Alongside case consultation, Helen's EMDR consultation services are approved by EMDRAA to support EMDR therapists to obtain official accreditation as practitioners of, and consultants for, EMDR therapy.

PBA-Approved Psychology Supervision

Helen is also a Psychology-Board Approved supervisor, meaning she is approved to provide primary supervision services to provisional psychologists and secondary supervision services to clinical registrars. Helen adopts a warm, friendly and supportive approach to supervision; considering the trauma-focus of her clinical work, Helen is passionate about the role of safety in learning. Helen is dedicated to ensuring supervisees feel comfortable and supported in the often vulnerable and intimidating experience that is the psychology pathway!

Supervision Services

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