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Our Services
Our highly trained clinicians can help in many ways.

EMDR Consultation

Helen Billows is an accredited EMDR consultant with the EMDR Association of Australia, and has extensive experience with

trauma, complex trauma and dissociation.

Contact us for more information on obtaining supervision with Helen.

Trauma & Complex Trauma Therapy

Evidence-based psychological interventions to support your healing from trauma, whether it be a single incident in adulthood or a complex history of childhood/adulthood adversity.

Dissociation Treatment

Advanced clinical interventions to support your coping with dissociation and assist you towards healing and integration.

Depression & Anxiety

Dedicated psychological treatments to improve your symptoms and support positive wellbeing.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

An advanced, eclectic delivery of evidence-based clinical interventions to address symptoms of and coping with BPD while seeking to heal underlying root causes perpetuating distress.

Grief Counselling

Warm, compassionate counselling to support your navigation of, and healing from loss.

Anger Management

Support in managing anger impulses and responses to reduce distress and undesirable consequences.

Stress Management

Stress reduction, relaxation training and therapy to enhance tolerance and resilience in the face of the unavoidable stress in life.

Cultivation of Self Compassion

Helping you identify entrenched patterns of low self-worth to come to see your essential validity and worthiness.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness skills training to unravel automatic patterns of thought and behaviour, and learn to respond rather than react.

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